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Since the age of 16 entered psytrance, today with 21 years old Gustavo Servija aka DANG3R has already consolidated as a major producers / djs of the new generation.

It has more than 10 million plays in its platforms, one of its songs: “Senses” exceeds 1 million plays in Spotify and the “danger” has already performed in countries like France, Germany, Mexico, Australia, South Africa.

With just 20 years of age he has appeared on the stage of the legendary EDC – Electric Daisy Carnival in one of his editions in Mexico and has already been involved in major international / national partnerships, author of numerous songwriting; Dang3r has performed at the biggest parties / clubs in Brazil and owns great positions on the Beatport / Soundcloud charts.

Artist Profile

Real Name: Gustavo Servija
Country: Brazil

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