Gustavo Mota

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The name may seem trivial, but absolutely everything that involves the artistic presence of Gustavo Mota escapes explanation and places him among the top shelf of the Brazilian musical scene that has transformed deeply in the last years. By playing, producing or selecting tracks of extreme beauty and power, he devotes all his creativity and energy to the task of creating moments that occupy special places in our memoirs.

This is clearly seen on each of the front lines that make up his varied performance in the current scene and includes his work with Muzenga Records, a label that has become a vigorous platform for the work of new talent in which he bets as well as his own, including “Boy,” “Just Game,” “Dreams,” and “G-Love,” whose strength has carried them all over the world. Armed with this musical arsenal, with this jovial desire and special talent, it is evident how Gustavo has reached this point in his career and has eight years of feats and fantastic performances at festivals such as Rock In Rio, So Track Boa, as well as clubs throughout the country . The best thing here is to know that this moment is far from being the peak, because with all this in his favor he has an even brighter future ahead of him.

Artist Profile

Real Name: Gustavo Mota
Country: Brazil

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