Sam Mkhize

Artist Biography

Slowly becoming a household name, Sam Mkhize is a producer, DJ from Mossel Bay, South Africa. Having learned how to play various instruments at a tender age, it was all it took for Sam to find himself in South Africa’s dance music industry. Now, only after 3 years, you can find him performing in and around the country, from renowned clubs to established outdoor festivals.

Besides one of the country’s leading radio stations; you can find his distinct production – a unique blend of future basses, tight beats, and melancholy-drenched breakdowns – on record labels both local and abroad. His goal is not only to entertain but to educate you on the beauty that is house music, along with his unique production comes an even more unique live set, composed with passion and a raw but elegant style that matches no other.

Artist Profile

Real Name: Sam Mkhize
Country: South Africa

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