Cyrus Zanon is the name behind the Zanon project. Born in 1993 and involved in music production since 2012, he soon had his space solidly conquered among established artists, parties and festivals in Brazil and around the world. With a different and contagious music style, energetic performances and connection with the public, it has won many fans wherever it went. His international career has been growing a lot with tours in major festivals in countries such as India, Switzerland, Myanmar and Australia and South Africa His talent reflects his career achievements, he recently topped # 1 on the Beatport online sales channel with the song “Dugly Dagly” and stayed there for 7 days, “Echoes of the Universe” was one of the most played songs and Notable in the Universo Paralello 13, “Indica”, “Shakty” and “Heavy Stones” are also part of his hit arsenal. Collaborations with major artists like Waio, Berg, Talpa and Bizarre Contact have brought the confidence to remix names like Pixel, Freedom Fighters, Headroom and more, and that’s just the beginning.

Artist Profile

Real Name: Cyrus Zanon
Country: Brazil

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